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Link Post 2021-03-24

How To Talk About Anti-Asian Racism With Kids And Family – Code Switch : NPR

The Free Software Foundation: it’s time for a new beginning – Dries Buytaert

The Near-Magical Mystery of Quasiparticles – Quanta magazine

The American Obsession with Lawns – Krystal D’Costa  This post originally appeared on Scientific American and was published May 3, 2017. This article is republished on Pocket with permission.

Mississippi River Rescue Plan Called Too Big to Fail – Daniel Cusick: Scientific American

NFTs are a dangerous trap Seth Godin

Offshore Core – James Hankins: Law & Liberty Includes some discussion of the Columbia Core Curriculum

The Little Saildrone Survives and A Weak Tornado Hits Our Coast – Cliff Maas

Willful Blindness, Societal Rift & Death of the Dollar – Michael Leibowitz: RIA

Super Hostile Takeovers – Robin Hansen: Overcoming Bias

In the gut microbiome, at least, it’s nurture, not nature