Why I Am Here?

Hello!  Welcome to Resilience.

This will be my home for documenting an exciting journey.  A journey that is both an experiment, albeit with a subject count of 1, and a challenge.

My goal: to acquire an experts level of knowledge in some fields that I find fascinating: Biology, more specifically for right now: ecology……; Economics; and a couple of games: Mancala and Go.  Mancala and Go will probably be documented on another site but I will make this decision a little later.

Quite an armful, right.  Will, let’s make it even more interesting.

For my purposes expertise will be defined as public recognition that I am an expert in these fields.  It will not be based on getting PHDs from the legacy education system.  I am not looking for the institutional certifications that traditionally lead to teaching or research positions in government or academia.

While I do not plan to take related classes from brick and mortar or online ‘for profits’ I will make use of resources that may be available such as MIT’s Open Courseware, iTunes University, textbooks, and so forth.

I do look forward to exploring, participating in, and encouraging learning environments outside of our legacy education systems.

I do want to demonstrate that it is possible to become an expert in more than one field in a lifetime, even in the 21st century.  I contend that if we are not actively maintaining our current expertises and also seeking expertise in new areas we are wasting a fundamental capability of our humanity.

All of this will be a challenge.  I have never been truly an expert in anything.

I’d like to achieve this before my time is up and in doing so set an example for others.  Time will tell how this goes.  I’m already running far afield from basics on a daily basis.  Eating up time that should be more focused.

Oh yea, there will not be much political stuff here.